The FAQs

Art&Poetry Project FAQs

* What is the Museo del Metaverso’s Art & Poetry event?
The Art & Poetry project brings together digital artists and the vivid verses of renowned Neapolitan poet Carmen Auletta. Her work captures not only the city of her birth but also the universal themes of love and memory, childhood and death.

* I want to choose a poem! Where can I read them?
The poems are available both in the original Neapolitan dialect, and also in English translation on the MdM website at, The idea is that each artist should choose one poem that appeals to them, and make a piece of artwork (sculpture, machinima, painting, installation etc., depending on their field) that reflects their reaction to that specific poem.

* What do I do once I have chosen a poem? When you’ve chosen the poem you’d like to illustrate, you need to SIGN UP.

* Who do I contact ? You need to contact Roxelo Babenco, at you can also contact her via the Art&Poetry Groups on Koinup amd Flickr.

* Why do I need to contact Roxelo? So she can give you logistical details! Each week we will be showcasing a different poem, in a different sim, together with the work by the artists who chose that poem. Each sim or gallery has its own prim limits, so it’s important you sign up and confirm which poem/week/sim you’re going to be working on.

* Where will the project events be held?
The project is going to be running in both SL and OpenSim.
All the poems and artwork will be shown on the home sims of the Museo del Metaverso, in as a permanent exhibition throughout the length of the project.

* ONE POEM, MULTIPLE ARTWORK, ONE WEEK. In SL, the project will be traveling to different sims. Every week, a selected poem by Carmen Auletta will be put on show, together with the art it has inspired, for one week only. You can get a weekly rundown of the poems and the artists, and the sims where they are going to be on show from Roxelo, or by going to the Museodelmetaverso website, or checking in with the Art&Poetry groups. Since these are temporary exhibits, artists will be asked to promptly put up and take down their work according to a strict timetable, so please check your mail and notices. Your artwork will be on show for an extended time in Craft. You will also be able to follow the project through the Art&Poetry group on both KoinUp and Flickr.


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