Art&Poetry Project English Version

Traslation curated by Thirza Ember. Thank Thirza!

The Neapolitan poems of Carmen Auletta are the starting point for an exciting new project combining poetry and art.
Carmen (Margye Riba in SL) is an award-winning poet from Naples, whose work has received international recognition as well as being used in school textbooks. The culture and language of the city of Naples is well-known for its rich range of humor, emotions, and passion. Perhaps the most famous figure is Eduardo de Filippo He was one of the most important figures of the Italian stage in the 20th century. Like de Filippo, Carmen’s themes are those of the common man or woman, those universal sentiments that affect us all, wherever we are from.

The Art&Poetry Project is divided into two parts:
1.    An exhibition of Carmen’s poems and associated works
2.    A related show, involving dynamic artwork inspired by Carmens poems and that will be traveling to various venues across the grid.

Information regarding the traveling show
•    Fifteen of Carmen’s poems have been chosen and will be published in both Neapolitan and English on the MdM website.
•    Sixty artists working in a wide variety of media, includding architecture, design, photography, machinima, performance artists and so forth, will be invited to create a piece of art based on the poems.
•    The type of artwork, deadlines and logistics of the show will be subject to a set of clearly defined guidelines.
•    Those wishing to participate should send a short bio together with two photos of their work, or a link to their website, to no later than August 31, 2011.
•    All participants are invited to join the Museo del Metaverso in Facebook etc, where they will be able to to follow the progress of the project via a group and a dedicated blog.
•    The two shows will be opening both in OpenSim Craft, on sim Museo del Metaverso, and in Second Life, on sim Pyramid. The traveling show will be relocated in a different region each week. We will be looking for sim owners who have experience in hosting artistic events.
•    Each week, four artists will show their pieces inspired by Carmen Auletta’s poems, available in Italian 9and soon in English) under the tab “Art and Poetry” of the MdM website. The art will be on show from Thursday to Sunday, beginning on September 21 2011, both in OpenSim Craft at the Museo del Metaverso, and in the various host regions in SL. This means that the participants will have 4 days = 1 for setting up. All art will be removed on the last evening of the exhibitio, or at the latest by Monday, to make room for the next set of artworks.
•    Each week, selected poems will be shared in Voice, and we hope that many Neapolitan residents will take the opportunity to share their rich accent and dialect with the audience, by reading one of carmen’s poems out loud.

Links  The project   The poetry  The blog  The Flickr group where the artist are invited to join the project.

Informazioni su roxelo

Adoro Internet, il web 2.0 mi è del tutto congeniale, mi piace bloggare, mi piacciono le comunità virtuali. Per un lungo periodo ho frequentato i mondi sintetici (Second Life e Opensim) dove ho realizzato il sogno di un museo virtuale: il Museo del Metaverso. Credo che il web 2.0 sia un modo di comunicare e fare circolare le informazioni molto consono alla contemporaneità. La mia vita reale, dopo il pensionamento, è totalmente nelle mie mani, con l' utilizzo del mio tempo libero nella direzione dei miei molteplici interessi e della mia più cogente necessità: quella della leggerezza e della lievità.
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